Palo Colorado Mural Project

For Literacy & Art

By Scott Umstattd

The Children’s Art Foundation is a non- profit organization founded in 2010 by artist Hannah Jarmain and a group of avid and friendly volunteer workers, writers, painters, photographers, film makers and teachers, to help underprivileged children reach their full potential through art.

Its goal is to take education in art and literacy to disadvantaged children in rural communities of San Miguel de Allende, taking the amazing program and the teachers to their doorsteps. Children learn drawing, painting, imagining and story writing, the life skills of self- expression. Children develop fine motor skills, attention to detail, problem solving and self-confidence; all while having fun and learning to draw great picture and create great stories.

On November 20th San Miguel’s well know international artist Toller Cranston, a supporter of the Children’s art program, came to weave his magic with 40 school children and inspire them into a frenzy, to create four mural arts for posterity at the public school Ignacio Allende in guadalupe.

One could witness this historic mural painting process from the bridge across from the art center Fabrica La Aurora.

The event is sponsored by the  San Miguel Community Church and is one of the public aspects of the Children’s Art Foundation’s Art and Literacy program, seeking to inspire children to express their creative talent through Mural Art.

The Foundation also seeks to provide another creative way in story writing and encourage children to do illustrations from books and stories to enhance their literacy. It puts brushes and pencils, paper and paints into the hands of children, so their hopes and dreams can find voice.

Mexican author Francisco Javier Morales has donated the proceeds of his book “Artists of San Miguel and other Stories” to support the Children’s Art Foundation’s program. The book is in la Tienda of the Biblioteca and many book stores in town. It features humorous short stories of birds, friendship, love and mishaps, all with happy endings, to inspire the children to use their imagination and illustrate for the upcoming art contest.

We hope you support the work of The Children’s Art Foundation and visit the art classes in any of the four communities where weekly classes are being taught.

To make a donation or visit schools please contact: Hannah Jarmain

Scott Umstattd, a photographer and his wife Faith Fuller, a film maker, are visitors of San Miguel who are making a difference with their creative projects in town.
See the photos from the event available at