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April 2019: 

In The new Creative Space for children at the Bellas Artes we offer art classes twice a week to children and teens. Following is an update from our brilliant volunteer artist Miguel Caréra. 

Special “Thanks” to Miguel Caréra for sharing your dedication and inspiration with the children! They love your class!

Hannah McCurley, Founder

Children’s Art Foundation 

Creative Space at the Bellas Artes 

Creative Space at the Bellas Artes 

Calendar 2018: A joint effort!

The Children's Art Foundation is working alongside the Fundación Comunitaria Don Diego A.C., a nonprofit association legally incorporated in 2017, created to foster the development of the village of Santa Teresita de Don Diego, in the county of San Miguel de Allende. 

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To support this community foundation, we have launched the new 2018 calendar! This is the largest size ever produced by CAF. At 14x20”; it offers plenty of space to make notes of your appointments and it's perfect for hanging it on your office wall. Featured 12 Artwork created by the Children's Art Foundation winners of the art competition in the past years. This calendar brings a great opportunity to support the children while enjoying their beautiful masterpieces.

Children from Teresita de Don Diego community.

Children from Teresita de Don Diego community.



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Where to get it?

The colorful art Calendars are available at La Tienda-Biblioteca Pública in San Miguel AND at Juan’s Cafe on Relox #37

Proceeds support the Children art program and give the kids a chance to explore their creativity and having fun in self-expression.

Donation: $300p or US$17.00 / each. Limited supplies only!



Press Conference November 17 at the old Presidential Palace in San Miguel de Allende . In this photograph: Juan Manuel Correa President of the community foundation "Fundación Comunitaria Don Diego A.C."  & Hannah McCurley, founder of the Children's Art Foundation A.C.

Press Conference November 17 at the old Presidential Palace in San Miguel de Allende. In this photograph: Juan Manuel Correa President of the community foundation "Fundación Comunitaria Don Diego A.C."  & Hannah McCurley, founder of the Children's Art Foundation A.C.



Art Tour SMA sponsor partnership with Children's Art Foundation (CAF)

The Children's Art Foundation (CAF) like to invite you all to the Lectures on Mexican Prehispanic History which will be given in English by the professor on History, William Mendez. 

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn and to help CAF with your donation fee.

You will also be able to buy our art books and take home the amazing children's art!

Please share with your contacts! 📲

We thank the Art Tour SMA for being part of this great project!

Don't Miss The Little Picasso Art Program!! ⌛

"The Picasso Summer Art workshop began on July 10 and will continue until August 11. 
Each week the children enjoy learning a special art technique from a well known artist, or if weather permits we'll go to a field trip. 

• Week 1( July 10-14): visiting artist Richard Trumbull
• Week 2 ( July 17-21): Wednesday with visiting Collage artist Cynthia Hamilton, and on Friday, with portrait artist Ezshwan Wilding
• Week3 ( July 24-28)
Tuesday El Charco
Friday Fabrica la Aurora
• Week 4 ( July 31- Aug 4)
Visiting Artist Edda Clasen German Abstraction
• Week 5 ( Aug 7-11)
Visiting Artist Monica Hoth
- Puppetry

For any interest in the Picasso program please send email to:

Palo Colorado Mural Project

For Literacy & Art

By Scott Umstattd

The Children’s Art Foundation is a non- profit organization founded in 2010 by artist Hannah Jarmain and a group of avid and friendly volunteer workers, writers, painters, photographers, film makers and teachers, to help underprivileged children reach their full potential through art.

Its goal is to take education in art and literacy to disadvantaged children in rural communities of San Miguel de Allende, taking the amazing program and the teachers to their doorsteps. Children learn drawing, painting, imagining and story writing, the life skills of self- expression. Children develop fine motor skills, attention to detail, problem solving and self-confidence; all while having fun and learning to draw great picture and create great stories.

On November 20th San Miguel’s well know international artist Toller Cranston, a supporter of the Children’s art program, came to weave his magic with 40 school children and inspire them into a frenzy, to create four mural arts for posterity at the public school Ignacio Allende in guadalupe.

One could witness this historic mural painting process from the bridge across from the art center Fabrica La Aurora.

The event is sponsored by the  San Miguel Community Church and is one of the public aspects of the Children’s Art Foundation’s Art and Literacy program, seeking to inspire children to express their creative talent through Mural Art.

The Foundation also seeks to provide another creative way in story writing and encourage children to do illustrations from books and stories to enhance their literacy. It puts brushes and pencils, paper and paints into the hands of children, so their hopes and dreams can find voice.

Mexican author Francisco Javier Morales has donated the proceeds of his book “Artists of San Miguel and other Stories” to support the Children’s Art Foundation’s program. The book is in la Tienda of the Biblioteca and many book stores in town. It features humorous short stories of birds, friendship, love and mishaps, all with happy endings, to inspire the children to use their imagination and illustrate for the upcoming art contest.

We hope you support the work of The Children’s Art Foundation and visit the art classes in any of the four communities where weekly classes are being taught.

To make a donation or visit schools please contact: Hannah Jarmain

Scott Umstattd, a photographer and his wife Faith Fuller, a film maker, are visitors of San Miguel who are making a difference with their creative projects in town.
See the photos from the event available at

Bellas Artes and Children’s Art Foundation

By Alberto Lenz – Director, Bellas Artes Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramírez El Nigromante INBA San Miguel de Allende

The Centro Cultural El Nigromante, of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature, joined efforts and resources with the Children´s Art Foundation to give free art workshops to children in low income communities of San Miguel de Allende. In so doing, we seek to convey message of art to these deprived children who are full of it, in areas of poverty in which the shortcomings of all kinds are serious and obvious. But also, first and foremost, we want to sow in them the seeds of creativity, imagination and self esteem, so endowed with them, these children are then engines of social change.

The compilation of drawings presented in this book focuses on the theme of nature and the city in the eyes of these children. It is interesting to observe how, for the children who live on the outskirts of the urban area, nature is still a place of beauty and color, free and happy encounter with birds, plants and insects. The city, almost always identified with the emblematic building of the parish, is instead a world somewhat cold and rigid, with empty streets devoid of animals or people, only houses and more houses.

It is possible that with these drawings and beautiful stories that accompany them, these children instead give us all a profound lesson.

Summer 2013 Update

Here is the July update:

“Pequeños Picasso at Rosewood” <a href=""></a>

(see English below)

Verano 2013 Horarios:

Lunes – Viernes 10 AM a 1:00 PM.

De 1 Julio al 19 Julio: 3 semanas

Precios: 1750 pesos ( $150 USD) por semana.  Obten un 10% de descuento por dos semanas o mas. Todos los materiales de arte, libros y golosinas, estan incluidas.

1- Entrenamiento creativo/ Desarrollo – Dibujo de la vida- Redaccion de historias. Historia del Arte. Creacion de objectos de arte

2- Crear un “Animalito- Alebrijes” Pintura en Madera reciclada. Combinando Madera reciclada en tres formas y figuras dimensionales para producer una criatura unica usando madera. Enfoque en el uso de colores brillantes para pintar y darle vida a esta criatura con muchas personalidades y expresiones.

3- Mascara Moustro

Crear una bestia mitica, criaturas e insectos curiosos.

Usando papel mache o yeso de Paris para construir una forma con las caracteristicas clave del diseno de un moustro.

Usando colores y accesorios (plumas, botones y lentejuelas) para darle al moustro una personalidad unica.

4- El arte de la Pintura Trabajando del papel al lienzo para desarrollar las habilidades de dibujo y las tecnicas de la ilustracion.

Pintura con precision.

5- Multimedia/ Collage: Poner todas tus cosas favoritas en el lienzo.

Papeles, texturas, fotografias y palabras.

Aprende el arte del Collage cortando, haciendo capasa, contrastes y complementando.

La historia del Arte y hechos divertidos seran ensenados diariamente.


Dirigido por maestros de arte calificados de la Fundacion de Arte de los Niños.

Diseñado para la chispa artistica de los Pequeños Picasso.

Para una clase pequena con un personal unico, asegurara que su Verano sera divertido, significativo e inolvidable.


“Little Picasso At Rosewood”

By the Children’s Art Foundation.

Summer 2013: From July 1 to July 19, 2013

Designed to spark the artistic abilities of little Picassos.

The small class size with a uniquely personal approach will ensure your child ‘s Summer workshop is fun, meaningful and unforgettable.

Summer Program 2013:

July 1st to July 19th.

Register by week, by day or for all 3 weeks.

- Monday- Friday: 10 AM to 1:00 PM.

- Fees: 1750 pesos ( $150 USD) per week.  10% discount for two weeks or more.

- 350 pesos per day.

- All art materials and snacks are included.

<a href=""></a>

Please Contact: <a href=""></a>

Detailed program below:

1- Creativity training/ Development – Drawing from life- Story writing. Art history. Creating Art objects  from Recycled or Thrown- away materials.

2- Create an “Animalito- Alebrijes” Painting on recycled wood Combining recycled wood into three dimensional shapes and forms to produce a unique creature using wood glue Focus on using bright wacky colours to paint and bring the creature to life with lots of personality and expressions!

3- Monster Mask Create mythical beast, kooky creatures abd inquisitive insects. Using paper mache or plaster de Paris (Gesso) to build shape and form the key characters of the monster design. Using colours and accessories (feathers, buttons and beads) to give the monster its unique personality.

4- The Art of Painting Working from paper to canvas to develop drawing skills and illustration techniques. Paint with accuracy and precision

5- Multimedia/ Collage :

Put all your favourite things on one canvas. Papers, textures, photographs and words. Learn the art of Collage by cutting, layering, contrasting and complementing.

Art history and fun facts will be taught daily.

Taught by qualified art teachers from the Children’s Art Foundation.

Designed to spark the artistic abilities of little Picassos.The small class size with a uniquely personal approach will ensure your Summer is fun, meaningful and unforgettable.



Children’s Art Foundation (CAF) A.C

<a href=""></a>



This is our update for June:

The CHILDREN’S ART FOUNDATION “Literacy Through Art” Invites you to “Save the date” for the following special events:

I- EVENTS: November 16,2013 (5-8 PM) at “Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramírez El Nigromante”( Bellas Artes). Children’s Art Exhibit Awards Presentation Fund Raising Dinner Reception- Celebration At Bellas Artes Hernandez Macias – Centro

II- Education: Come to visit at our weekly class in the campo. Every Saturday except holidays. Leaving at Bellas Artes at 9:30AM return at 1PM.

III – New Outreach Programs: the Children’s Art Foundation is launching two NEW outreach programs: – A Bi-Weekly educational REVISTA, a family publication IN SPANISH with a special section for Children artwork and stories. (Art, culture and history). The “CIUDADANO” is released on the First and Third Thursdays each month. Free for all children in the campos. 8p a copy at Regular news stands and at popular locations in centro: Lagundi, el Jardin, Organic market non- profit section. June 15th is our first issue. -

A Travelling Exhibit &amp; Workshop: for children in many remote communities to experience the joy of self- expression through art. Co-operation between the Children’s Art Foundation and “Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramírez El Nigromante.( Bellas Artes)

IV- Where are the ART COOKIES?: ( Look for the Art cookies label on the door) Find your favourite cookies here, thanks to the kind business owners of: – Rosewood’s Restaurant 1826 – Camino Silvestre (Zacateros 46) – Solutions (Mesones 57- Reloj) – BONANZA ( Mesones 43- tel 152 1260) Why not go to one of these places this weekend and get the freshly baked SAN MIGUEL ART Cookies to enjoy!!!

Thank you! Hannah Jarmain, Children’s Art Foundation Contact:, website:

ADDRESS: Aldama #3 Centro San Miguel de Allende GTO 37700- MEXICO Hannah Children’s Art Foundation (CAF) A.C