From the first time I heard about the Children’s Art Foundation I was charmed with its wonderful work. Helping children of San Miguel and giving them the opportunity to expand their mind and imagination is an incredible effort. I’m convinced that the lecture and the art are some of the best ways to do it.
On behalf of Mayor Mauricio Trejo Pureco I wish to recognize Children’s Art Foundation and Hannah Jarmain for their good work and appreciate the opportunity to participate in this great project .
— By Lic. Maria Jose Garrido E.
Director of Economic Development, International Relations and Tourism

The small book featuring the artistic expression by the children of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is perhaps the most public face of the amazing Children’s Art Foundation. The Foundation seeks to provide creative ways to enhance the literacy of children through art. Their words and imagination find life on both paper and canvas. The vision of the Foundation inspires our youth. It puts brushes and pencils, paper and paints into the hands of children so their hopes and dreams can find voice. It takes art and artists … some of Mexico’s very best … to the schools and villages all around San Miguel so the children can observe the creative process and bring it into their own lives. The Foundation exhibits the work of these students at the Bellas Artes, one of the most prominent art institutions in the region, so that attention will be paid at that most important moment when creativity first bloomed in the children’s lives. This book captures that wonderful moment for us all.
— Herb R. Kells, Artist Washington D.C.

Donald Smith and I live in Honolulu, and began visiting San Miguel about 16 months ago. In fact, when we get home, we are going to start the process of moving to San Miguel permanently.

SMA gets under one’s skin, doesn’t it?

Don retired from teaching and I retired from retail management. How did we get to the concert where we won the Toller Cranston painting?  Earlier this year, we made the decision to make the majority of any donations we did for children, and one of the first things that we saw was the benefit concert of Gil Gutierrez and Gabriel Hernandez for the Children’s Art Foundation.

Not only was it a wonderful show, but we won the painting!

Toller Cranston is an amazing person and artist. He has introduced us to many people here in SMA and we have appreciated his love of this beautiful city and his good work with the Children’s Art Foundation.
— Larry Kuhner & Donald Smith