Founder's Message

Awards Night - Nov 10th 2012, Teatro Angela Peralta


Hannah Jarmain

Founder of the Children's Art Foundation

You, the children of San Miguel, are very special. I don’t think there are any other children in the world who are as creative, inspiring and talented as the children of San Miguel.

When we issued the contest parameters to you all in May this year, we asked you to paint and tell your stories. Not only you painted over 600 masterpieces you have written 600 beautiful stories each that deserve a Nobel Prize for literature.

Your stories made me laugh and they also made me cry!

If we had more money we would publish all 600 stories. It will be a book this thick! I wish the house of culture of Mexico will do that for us in the future so that everyone can enjoy them.

In spite of the poor economic time, we did it!

We published this wonderful book “CREATIVE CHILDREN OF SAN MIGUEL”. It is our third year. It contains 40 sensational paintings and 60 amazing, heart-warming stories. Your stories!

Your told me what happened in your life, the relationships you have with your parents, your brothers and sisters, your friends and your dog, and whom you love.

You took us on fascinating adventures in the outer space, inside the volcano. Up the mountains and down the bottom of the sea , a crocodile that only eat fruits and fishes that are colorful books.

You fought with aliens, captured robots and faced bad witches. But you, our Heroes always win. Your courage.

You told me about the house built by your grandpa and the tree planted by your grandma. Your grandparents are gone now but the house and the tree stay forever with their spirit. Your heritage.

You reminded us that we must save this beautiful planet: don’t waste water, don’t throw garbage and don’t contaminate our rivers and sea. Save our nature.
And once upon a time in San Miguel, when things got really bad, the earth was dry and scorched, trees were dying and people were leaving San Miguel, the town was sad and deserted! You prayed and GOD told Saint San Miguel Archangel to make rain.
So it rained and rained and rained over San Miguel, trees and flowers came back to life. With your Faith! Everything is fine again in this wonderful town.

- You also told us how to handle the drug problem in Mexico: “Just say no!” You said!
All of us just say NO to drugs, the problem will go away… in time.

Imagination! Critical thinking! And Passion!! Those are what the Children’s Art Foundation teachers teach every Saturday in the campo.

In the “Literacy through Art” program, not only you learn painting and colour mixing, but your dedicated teachers : Josefina Temin, Oscar, Irineo, Rafael, Mariana, Efrain and Jose Luis teach you how to think, how to imagine and how to dream.

If an artist can create anything he or she wants on a canvas, YOU can begin to create the future that YOU want for yourselves, with one single thought.  Think! Dream and

Set your goal! With determination and hard work you can do it.!

I want this book “Creative Children Of San Miguel”  to be published year after year, with your stories of hope and dreams in it. When you grow up and become what you wanted to be: artists, musicians, architects, doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, soccer players,  Mayor of san Miguel or even the President of Mexico.
You will open this little book and read the stories that you wrote when you were 10 years old.  And you will tell your little children then:

“I had a dream, and I did it!”